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I photograph what I see. I digitally manipulate, collect, and construct what I want to be seen. Through this I am able to explore my own reality and identity.

In a world of marveled after fantasy, we all seek a reality. The domestic space is a space where the sense of emptiness is provoked by the objects within it – the people within it. A house is not a home until these empty spaces are filled. My own domestic space has dwindled in physical bodies and multiplied with objects. As I document these spaces, the rooms lack an emotiveness that desired homes embrace one with. As the clutter multiplies, the overwhelming sensation of consumer consumption replaces the need for the human touch. The connections between my sister, mother, and I and our attachments to these things in replacement of the human connection we have is confronted. 

I am interested in the endless investigation of how the world, the people, and we as human beings occupy our own spaces. The dollhouse in this series represents a marveled after utopia of having our own imaginary self-made space. As someone who grew up playing with dollhouse, moving the bits and pieces of the house and dolls fed into my quest for perfection. Laurie Simmons Color Pictures, Long House, and Kaleidoscope House all explore elements of houses and or people in these houses and how they interact with each other. Two decontextualized components combine to engage the viewer in how both the whole of a house is a domestic safe space encouraging the gaze of the onlooker and the body placed within that space.

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